crash programme

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a rapid and intense course of training or research (usually undertaken in an emergency)

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This crash programme, which is being executed at fast pace by CDA, utilizing its own resources and machinery.
Although it is currently thought that Iran is at least five years away from developing a nuclear weapon, the report said a crash programme could succeed in producing a crude, one-off device in a matter of months.
The National Education Association in the United States has a target for class sizes of 18 in primary schools, and most US states are engaged in a crash programme of classroom-building, teacher training and recruitment to reduce class sizes as quickly as possible.
The Danish experience, according to Sagem, largely stems from the fact that this was a crash programme and again, training was trimmed a little bit too deeply.
That urban renewal programme of the 1960s, like the crash programme to build a million homes, provoked a backlash that discouraged further bold moves in the capital.
NO DUMMY: Independent European crash programme gave the Laguna top marks; LIFESAVER: Eight airbags to protect passengers; LIFE IS CHEAP: Affordable but safe Laguna
The recalled soldiers will first go through a crash programme to bring their training up to date.
Keeping in view the Power Supply position in those areas from where more frequent power failures complaints were received during last summer, KESC executed a massive crash programme for the overall improvement in power supply situation during half of 1994.
Four years ago its chairman Gerd Kalbitz instigated a 10 [pounds] million crash programme to replant the vast orchards 30 miles east of Leipzig.
I agree with Caroline Lucas, and Jeremy Legget that Britain should steer clear of nuclear power stations completely, devoting the time and money saved to a crash programme of harnessing on and off-shore wind power, tidal power, large and small-scale hydroelectric schemes, geothermal energy sources, as well as solar power.
Electricity shortage will remain to happen until the 10,000 MW electricity crash programme is completed,C[yen] he says.
Even if an emergency crash programme was introduced now, it would take at least three years for the vaccine to become available.
In fact we need a crash programme to install units of 300 to 350 MW, only then we will be able to cope with the situation of rising demand.
He said that a crash programme for vaccination for measles has been initiated.
Now a crash programme of special measures has been ordered at Sir Theodore Pritchett Primary in Druids Heath to turn it round.