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a rapid and intense course of training or research (usually undertaken in an emergency)

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He directed the commissioner Karachi and provincial secretary health in addition to the declared eleven union councils also to identify other most vulnerable and polio affected UCs of Karachi, encircle these areas with cordon off security and launch a crash program for administering polio drops to more than 107000 reported children and this process be repeated again and again.
Implementation of the crash program is not up to expectation.
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Israel's prime minister offered a crash program to speed up housing construction Tuesday in an effort to defuse a growing wave of protests that has brought about a sharp drop in his approval ratings.
Those things include producing grains with a tolerance of 10-15 microns, the ability to place multiple grains on a single roller for comparison purposes, offering a quick turnaround time (about four weeks on a crash program, though more time is better), and easy replication should the surface of the silicone become damaged or wear.
Under Secretary of State Nick Burns then splashed cold water on Iran's alleged crash program to acquire nuclear weapons.
The box is sadly lagging behind the bits and bytes, and, 10 years ago, Gelernter called for a crash program.
In fact, we probably couldn't do it in 10 years, not without a crash program.
He also said the plan could use rules to ensure there is not a repeat of the Rampart scandal, when gang officers in the former CRASH program overstepped their authority and were accused of framing gang members.
Kim Jong-il and his fellow slave masters are trying to dictate the pace of events by setting a timetable of nuclearization, based on a crash program wrung from their human property.
I got to the end of chapter eight, "This Is Not a Test," and could discern only three reform ideas from Friedman: embark on an "all-hands-on-deck, no-holds-barred, no-budget-too-large crash program for science and engineering education"; make community college affordable for everyone; and scold parents into doing a better job.
Had President Bush wanted to, he could have called for rescinding his tax cuts, a crash program of mandatory national service, and major reforms of NATO and the United Nations in the service of a united war on terror.
Waiting until world conventional oil production peaks before implementing crash program mitigation leaves the world with a significant liquid fuel deficit for two decades or longer," according to a report prepared for the Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) by Science Applications International Coporation (SAIC).
The company went on a crash program to try to get their [original] polymorph back," says Atwood.
The most logical interpretation of all this is that Iran's junta is betting its survival on a crash program to build a nuclear bomb.