crash landing

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an emergency landing under circumstances where a normal landing is impossible (usually damaging the aircraft)

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Earlier the official TAP news agency said no one was hurt in the crash landing.
The cause of the crash landing is under investigation.
Lucky: The light aircraft made crash landing in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.
AN RAF helicopter pilot and two crew members escaped without serious injury after crash landing in a field.
All 150 passengers and five crew members of US Airways Flight 1549 are safe following a crash landing into the Hudson River in New York yesterday (15 January).
A spokesman said: "We were alerted to what appeared to be a crash landing.
AN AEROPLANE maker has issued urgent guidance to pilots after an investigation found a British Airways jet's crash landing was caused by ice in its fuel system.
Those receiving the medal include Captain Peter Burkill, from Worcester, and his co-pilot John Coward, who managed to get the plane down and ensure that all 136 passengers survived the crash landing after the aircraft mechanisms failed to give the engines the necessary extra thrust.
A pilot forced to make a crash landing in a North East field has been told his plane was out of oil.
The peak is past but it might not be a crash landing.
Residents who witnessed the crash landing told reporters that smoke filled the plane when it hit the ground and was still rising from the plane's badly charred wreckage hours later.
Moscow, Muharram 11, 1434, Nov 25, 2012, SPA -- A small Russian plane caught fire Sunday during a crash landing in West Siberia, injuring eight people, authorities said.
MUSCAT -- Operations at the Muscat International Airport restarted early Tuesday morning after the crash landing of a Pakistan International Airlines passenger plane with about 70 people on board on the airport runway forced cancellation of several flights.
TOKYO (CyHAN)- A helicopter belonging to Japan's Ground Self-Defense Forces (GSDF) on Monday made a crash landing in rice field in Sendai in northeast Japan without any injuries, according to local media.
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