crash land

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make an emergency landing

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During the mayhem, the helicopter, the reason would be known later, was made to crash land at a near by place," he said.
A Durham and Darlington Fire Service spokeswoman added: "The light aircraft was forced to crash land in the field and two men were taken to hospital by ambulance.
The aircraft's undercarriage had reportedly failed to lower, causing the aircraft to crash land.
A TERRIFIED aircraft passenger leapt from a plane as it prepared to crash land with engine failure.
The helicopter was close enough to the ground to crash land relatively safely," The Sun quoted the source, as saying.
A Tayside Police spokesman said: "The pilot had to crash land the glider in a field away from the gliding centre.
Kyle, in an attempt to save the baby brother, whom he alternately protects and kicks through windows, tells the tot to do his David Caruso imitation, so he'll jump from the craft and crash land, like the actor's career.
Third in Asaro's Skolian Empire series (following Primary Inversion and Catch the Lightning), The Last Hawk is focused on the adventures of Kelric, a fighter pilot (and heir to the throne) who crash lands on Coba-a planet that is off-limits.
Director Tim Burton's "PLANET OF THE APES" begins with the premise of Pierre Boulle's acclaimed and beloved science fiction novel: A pilot crash lands on a strange planet and finds himself in a brutal, primal place where apes are in charge and humans scavenge for subsistence, hunted and enslaved by the tyrannical primates.
The adventure unfolds into a comic book with full animation and sound as kids lead a bunch of shipwrecked extraterrestrials back to their spaceship after it crash lands on Earth.