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a padded helmet worn by people riding bicycles or motorcycles

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All of the drivers, most of whom attended his funeral on Tuesday, have sported stickers reading "Ciao Jules" or "JB 17" on their crash helmets.
They met behind a supermarket but an altercation broke out and the victim was hit on the head with crash helmets," the police chief was quoted as saying.
As staff prepared to open up, two raiders in crash helmets forced the door and terrorised them, grabbing one woman by her throat and threatening another with a bottle.
50pm when they were confronted by two white males dressed in boiler suits with balaclavas and crash helmets who had entered their house.
Her crash helmet had come off and was 20ft to 30ft behind her.
It would appear she was then catapulted off the motorcycle and, if she was wearing her crash helmet, it came off.
I had been down in the dumps but I've had a smile on my face again for the last week, so the crash helmets have hopefully been put away for good.
The Director of Public Prosecutions yesterday won a High Court test case ruling that people riding -'driving' -the new BMW C1 motorbikes are legally required to wear crash helmets.
It is thought the victim had been visiting an inmate and was waiting for the driver of the car who was also visiting a prisoner when two men dressed in black and wearing crash helmets pulled up alongside him on a motorbike.
To top it all, being Valentine's day, Tucano Urbano are giving away naughty little red devil's horns and tails, and sheeps' ears to make you part of the herd - a novel way to accessorise your crash helmets and mark your support.
CHILD cyclists could be forced to wear crash helmets in a bid to cut road deaths.
Andrew Kent, road safety adviser to the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, said: "Our policy is to persuade cyclists to protect themselves by wearing crash helmets.
Antelope Valley children ages 6 to 14 turned out in racing numbers and crash helmets Saturday to try their homemade cars in the first annual Rascals Rally Soapbox Derby and Family Fun Day held in Palmdale.
According to Larnaca Police spokesman Christos Andreou, neither were wearing crash helmets.
I have been a lifelong motorcyclist and when I was younger it was not compulsory for motorcyclists to wear crash helmets and I, for one, foolishly did not wear a crash helmet until they were made compulsory.