crash helmet

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a padded helmet worn by people riding bicycles or motorcycles

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The reason I did not phone immediately was that I thought that the rider, wearing a crash helmet and yellow fluorescent jacket was someone in an official capacity, although behaving stupidly.
IN GOOD ZTASTE The Tunnock's crash helmet Shedden was wearing at the launch
DON'T LOOK DOWN Stunt man wearing a crash helmet drops from a high platform yesterday
He admitted drink-driving, dangerous driving, failing to stop for the police and not wearing a crash helmet.
Former Cardiff City midfielder Charlie Oatway (below) admits he's got his crash helmet ready for Saturday's FA Cup trip to Swansea.
WE'RE now told police will not give chase to motorcycle thieves if they aren't wearing a crash helmet - the theory being if they fall off and get hurt the cops will be sued.
The Christmas Eve offender was wearing a black crash helmet with a blue lightning bolt motif on either side, a dark jacket with a blue stripe, black trousers and black gloves.
Her crash helmet had come off and was 20ft to 30ft behind her.
He was horrified when the girl at the clinic made him take off his crash helmet and recognised him.
The boy was being supervised by his father and was wearing goggles and a crash helmet when the accident happened.
A Piaggio Zip 50cc Scooter, Bike Insurance (subject to status) A Tucano Urbano rain suit A pair of Tucano Urbano gloves A crash helmet A bike lock And a 10% discount voucher for follow-up servicing at BMG Scooters A total value of approx.
I had to sneak out of my cage late one night and use some leftover fiberglass and a Bunsen burner to make him his own little crash helmet, since he now loves to run headlong into anything in his way, like walls and lab technicians.
and a vocal delivery Ali describes as ``a 7-year-old in a crash helmet having a temper tantrum through a Mister Microphone,'' the Bloodhound Gang seems like a sure thing.
e attendant said over the Tannoy that I could not use the pump until I removed my crash helmet.
A gunman wearing a crash helmet is believed to have fired at the Wirral flat in the nighttime incident.