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a rapid and intense course of training or research (usually undertaken in an emergency)

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Sanjeev's Gaelic crash course will also be featured in a new BBC Alba show to be screened in April.
It merits a mention that the five students selected for the crash course includes Asma Javed, Neelam Kasir, Sehresh Khan, Raza Ali and Shaukat Ali.
Informing about the programme, Ganesh Chandra Pandey, Indore BSNL general manager said that the crash course would be beneficial for the students of Class I and II who want to appear in the forthcoming CA- CPT.
Included in the free version of the app are 80 standard phrases in 11 languages; 56 cruise-specific phrases; 20 free uses of the voice translator; access to 2,000 dictionary words translated into all 11 languages, and the culture crash course.
Although the three have some amount of exposure to public service, they said the crash course would help improve their efficiency.
Then, I was hit with the realisation that I could make a complete fool out of myself, so I had to give myself a crash course on the basics.
CRASH COURSE Strictly winner Alesha MAESTRO Brendan and right with Alesha and Matthew
I'm having a crash course education in just how nasty these cancer cells can be," the Mirror quoted him as saying.
DRIVERS caught using their phones or not wearing seat belts were given the chance to sit a crash course or be prosecuted by Midland police.
Wonder if David Cameron will give England's politicians a crash course in hurling furniture across piazzas?
Why change had to be forced on companies that once represented the epitome of American technology is basically the theme of Crash Course.
PM Crash Course for IT Professionals offers project management tools and techniques that IT professionals can use to address challenging projects.
THE news report (April 15) that Goodwood has recambered the bend on the far loop of the course, brought back painful memories of a failed 'touch' on the Jeremy Hindley-trained Crash Course in the 1975 Goodwood Cup.
MORE than 600 priests took part in a crash course in confession at the Vatican this week in a bid to restore confidence in the practice.
Sister-in-law Virginia gave me a crash course in how to order and I opted for a grande, two shots, non fat, wet, cafe Americano.