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a strong protective barrier that is erected around a racetrack or in the middle of a dual-lane highway in order to reduce the likelihood of severe accidents

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USPRwire, Wed Oct 14 2015] Crash Barrier Systems Market by Type (Portable & Fixed), Technology (Rigid, Semi-Rigid & Flexible), Device (Crash Cushions, End Treatments, Water- & Sand- Filled Plastic Barrels, and GEAT), Application (Roadside, Median, Work-zone, and Bridge) & Region - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020
The barriers that were bought a few years back accommodated sedans, but most people now drive four-wheelers and we agree with everyone that new crash barriers must take that into consideration.
Most UK crash barriers are designed to protect car drivers and passengers when a car hits a barrier.
Alan claimed: "The workmen got onto the motorway about 1 am and were dropping galvanised crash barriers from the back of a truck and it woke everyone up.
The initial collision involved a red Mini Cooper which collided with the crash barriers.
I AM's Neil Greig says: "Our road authorities must now design crash barriers that give riders protection against the aggressive features that cause devastating injuries.
of Inglewood, California, is designed to provide better traffic lane control in applications where bollards or crash barriers are impractical.
Mr Troy's red Ford Orion hit the crash barriers and he was pronounced dead at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Llantrisant.
Despite a history of accidents on the bend in the A197 road ( including another fatal smash in the last decade ( Northumberland County Council only fitted crash barriers after Mr Parker's death.
THE NRA is to erect crash barriers along a deadly stretch of the cross border motorway between Dublin and Belfast - but top officials don't promise it will save lives.
Wire rope is used on between eight and ten per cent of main roads in this country, mainly in areas of natural beauty where traditional steel crash barriers would be an eyesore.
A unique water based primer 'Anoprime' developed by Martex Paints Ltd, of Tyseley, south Birmingham has been chosen as the primer for the galvanised crash barriers situated within the heavy goods lorry park of the Channel Tunnel complex.