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a strong protective barrier that is erected around a racetrack or in the middle of a dual-lane highway in order to reduce the likelihood of severe accidents

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With the emergence of new technologies, manufacturers are looking for advanced techniques to make crash barriers safer.
Part of the work is the reconstruction and extension crossings middle dividing strip, including drainage and installation of removable steel crash barriers with the level of retention H2.
Just one of the car's wheels was on the carriageway side of the crash barrier.
MPs claim that there are vertical tests for crash barriers, which is wrong.
I have been in touch with Redcar and Cleveland Council expressing my concern that following a bad accident about two years ago, the lamp post in the central reservation, which was demolished, has not been replaced and no crash barrier erected.
While crash barriers have saved the lives of thousands of drivers, hitting a crash barrier is a factor in eight to 16 per cent of rider deaths, warns the IAM.
Most UK crash barriers are designed to protect car drivers and passengers when a car hits a barrier.
School children had covered the crash barriers lining the route with posters welcoming the couple and were held up by their parents to get a better view.
It's the SIXTH time a car has crashed through his front wall - which will pile more pressure on Clare County Council to construct a crash barrier at the scene.
He was with two friends when he hit crash barriers at the junction of Cambridge Street and the Mancunian Way in Manchester city centre shortly after 4am on October 31 last year.
But just hours after a deal with the Highways Agency to consult residents on work, construction crews woke locals when fitting emergency crash barriers.
We can differentiate crash barriers located on a middle division traffic lane, road-side crash barriers, crash barriers within the context of an exit or slip road, and those before a tunnel, in a tunnel, or on a bridge construction etc.
A TEENAGER was in hospital with serious injuries last night after his car collided with crash barriers.
I AM's Neil Greig says: "Our road authorities must now design crash barriers that give riders protection against the aggressive features that cause devastating injuries.
of Inglewood, California, is designed to provide better traffic lane control in applications where bollards or crash barriers are impractical.