crash barrier

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a strong protective barrier that is erected around a racetrack or in the middle of a dual-lane highway in order to reduce the likelihood of severe accidents

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Roadside barriers are expected to dominate the global crash barrier systems market applications.
Work to replace crash barriers along the entire length of the Elland by-pass and install power supplies to new lighting columns starts this Saturday and will last for 14 weeks.
Police say the driver appeared to lose control before hitting a crash barrier.
The Highways Agency are waiting to remove all of the damage, the crash barrier and its concrete supports, but they can't do that until the lorry is gone.
Suddenly, Vince releases the sled, sending Larry on a rapid ride downward into a crash barrier at the base of the track.
The Company also introduced and tested several new anti-terrorist crash barrier products to meet growing demand.
A 40-year-old man was driving his gold-coloured Ford KA down Saltburn bank on the A174 towards Brotton when it hit the crash barrier.
A MAN died after his car collided with a crash barrier on the M6 near Corley Services.
Karen Ball, prosecuting, said: "She lost control of her car and collided with a crash barrier.
Police say the car hit a crash barrier and rebounded back into the road where it was hit by the lorry.
DETECTIVES have made a fresh appeal for information about the death of Kenneth Farr, who was killed when a crash barrier smashed into his car.
Father-of-three Alan Norton, 36, came off his 1100cc bike and ploughed into a crash barrier post, a fatal accident inquiry heard yesterday.
The car mounted the central reservation, knocked a lamppost over and took out a length of crash barrier before flipping over on to its roof at about 6.