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ornamental shrub from eastern India commonly planted in the southern United States

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Beyond, the flowerheads of the feather reed grass quiver below the crape myrtle blossoms.
The crape myrtles in location II were heavily shaded by pecan, which adversely affects susceptibility to crapemyrtle aphids.
Francko uses the term southern to denote those plants that are considered by most gardeners to be subtropical or tropical, as well as those traditional mainstays of the southern US garden, for example magnolias and crape myrtles.
From crape myrtles in our medians along Highway 49 to landscaping around our welcome signs, we have effectively enhanced the quality of life and image of our community.
Stick with begonias, crape myrtles, gardenias, geraniums, honeysuckle, impatiens, marigolds, petunias, roses, and zinnia, all of which are considered safe.
Or they might be marveling at the living arbors she has fabricated from arching crape myrtles wired together.
The winter bark display of the tough hybrid crape myrtles is outstanding as the wood defoliates, and trunks turn colors of mottled red to tan-and-brown.
Yoko Ono, widow of Beatle John Lennon, has chosen exactly where each one of the 21 white- and pink-blossomed crape myrtles filling the courtyard at One Colorado in Old Pasadena is placed, said her curator, Jon Hendricks.
When planting near power lines, choose low-growing trees, such as flowering dogwoods, Mexican plums, dwarf crape myrtles, and Washington hawthorns.
Scott Armstrong, grounds manager at the winery, designed the vignette to serve as an underplanting beneath a canopy of white-blooming 'Natchez' crape myrtles.
One ARS advance consumers buy in droves every year are crape myrtles developed to resist powdery mildew in the South and colder temperature in the North, making the shrubs one of the country's most popular.
Responsible for the majorit of live oaks--his favorite species--and cypress trees in Baton Rouge, he also planted crape myrtles, Japanese magnolias, and a variety of other oaks throughout the city and on campus grounds.
Down two sets of steps, visitors reach the heart of this home's landscape--the koi pond and arbor, each surrounded by pockets of delicate flowers under the shade of crape myrtles.
That simple skim milk formula really does keep mildew off squash, roses, crape myrtles and other plants.
Camellias, grape-hollies, crape myrtles, Japanese apricot, and even a Himalayan fan palm are among the unusual plants growing in the Ladies' Border.