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ornamental shrub from eastern India commonly planted in the southern United States

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During Wednesday's ceremony, a classical music trio played in the shade of the crape myrtles, and officials unveiled a bronze statue of a nun holding out a loaf of bread.
These crape myrtles with breathtaking bark are eminently suitable for Valley planting.
Fauriei' varieties, unlike the more common and dense-canopied crape myrtle types, are mildew- resistant and are usually seen in pink, lavender or white.
Using the water fountain as the focal point, Bovshow and Glassman used Nawanda's favorite colors - pink and purple - to create a Mediterranean garden, including roses, hibiscus, crape myrtle trees and Rose of Sharon trees.
TREES: Chinese pistache, crape myrtle, Eastern redbud, floss silk tree (flowers), flowering dogwood, ginkgo, Japanese maple, liquidambar, ornamental pear, Persian parrotia, persimmon, scarlet oak, sour gum.
A designated altar framed by a pair of crape myrtle trees laced with fabric and orchid accents provided the ceremony decor.
Tiny juncos will appreciate shrubs they can hide under since they are ground eaters, but they and other seed eaters will fly to a yard with sunflowers, butterfly bushes and crape myrtle trees.
and Livermore Rotary Club donated a total of 1,400 seedlings of Chinese elm, crape myrtle, and redwood.
Flowering trees that also do well on the Valley floors include jacaranda, crape myrtle, Japanese maple, New Zealand Christmas trees and Persian silk trees, says Bruce Asakawa in his book, ``California Gardener's Guide'' (Cool Springs Press; $24.
These plants performed beyond expectations, enduring two freezes, drought, heat, insects, and disease: crape myrtle, Eastern and Wester redbud, golden-rain tree, strawberry tree, and species of cotoneaster, juniper, nandina, and rockrose.
Whats your favorite dwarf crape myrtle for this area?
On Saturday, November 4, the eighteen volunteers gave 72 hours of service in planting bur oak, bald cypress, cedar elm and crape myrtle trees.
2004), apple (Kenis and Keulemans, 2005), wintersweet (Chen and Chen, 2010), crape myrtle (He et al.
full clump; 26 ea of furnish & install crape myrtle 30 gal.