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Antonyms for crannied

having small chinks or crannies (especially in or between rocks or stones)


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Blougram, however, in saying that creation is meant to hide--not in the sense of intentionally covering up but in the sense of not revealing--says that God is Infinite Personal Mind, not some material that decays, not some energy that eventually dissipates, not one who like the crannied flower would cease with the physical system.
20) One random example of this phenomenon occurs as Henry contemplates a walk through the gray, icy environs of Dijon: "a promenade through the Danzig Corridor, all deckle-edged, crannied, nerve-ridden.
Here Darwin is the compatriot of Victorian poets such as Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who wrote the poem "Flower in the Crannied Wall" (1869):
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