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a rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank

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Crankshaft journals can be renovated using various technologies, such as conventional TIG/MIG/MAG build-up welding, plasma coating welding and spraying.
The obvious advantages of this Flywheel Lock are that it sets up quickly and allows for the crankshaft to be positioned exactly where it needs to be, all with the confident feeling of complete safety.
To understand the impact of integrated motion control used in Ingersoll's crankshaft deep-fillet rolling machine, consider the function of the machine and how it operates.
Many manufacturers are using dual-mass flywheels to control the problem, but a combination crankshaft damper-isolator developed by the Hillsdale Division of Eagle-Picher Automotive.
The most common way of holding the crankshaft is to block piston travel by inserting an object into either the sparkplug hole or the exhaust port.
AB Volvo (STO:VOLVA)(STO:VOLVB) has signed a letter of intent with MAPE to divest the crankshaft plant in Leganes, Spain.
The company's CASCO crankshaft seals not only deliver up to a 70 percent energy savings over traditional crankshaft seals, but they also result in better fuel economy, longer service life and significantly lower emissions.
Pre Qualification: Conversion Of Esr Steel Billets Into Utd Crankshaft Forging To Drg No.
com/research/4pwfqt/global_crankshaft) has announced the addition of the "Global Crankshaft Industry Report 2015" report to their offering.
Abstract: When ship diesel engines are overhauled, the surface renovation of crankshaft bearings is of critical importance.
The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) report revealed that at 57mph the 10 litre engine fell when its crankshaft broke.
The Smethwick firm, which is Britain's biggest crankshaft manufacturer, was honoured by the Cast Metals Federation.