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After a short layover, I crankily board the flight for Sweet Home Chicago.
clear, perhaps most crankily in his 1992 The American Religion, that he
Kernell said, crankily, removing some more Wite-Out(TM) from his computer's screen .
Sammler, a civilized intellectual refugee crankily at odds with the vulgar vitality of New York City in the 1960s, has already observed in the book's opening paragraph that "[i]ntellectual man had become an explaining creature.
which goes back to the trick that a mad Robert Lowell played, crankily testing him out, when Heaney visited him in hospital in 1976.
Her sister Laura (real-life sister Laura Silverman) bankrolls her irresponsibility but is kind of crankily selfish herself.
Moretti is crankily opinionated without being an egomaniac.