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Reg's actions could not be crankier than going before the Hutton inquiry and failing to retract a claim that WMD could be used within 45 minutes - while you know it to be dubious.
Stu" just got his coffee and sat down to read the paper, just a smidgen crankier than usual.
Quite simply, Bennett couldn't bear to see this middle-class human scarecrow being hounded, so, without trying to change her lifestyle at all, he accommodated both her cranky vehicle and her even crankier personality.
Grafts (#1), 1993, has a crankier and grittier atmosphere.
On the other hand, these newborns did not appear crankier or more difficult to handle than infants born to the more laid-back, Type B mothers, Parker says.
And the Cardinal is doing it with Chris Hernandez's back crankier than an elf after Christmas and with Childress hoping to begin practice by the weekend.
And the meaner and crankier he is, the more charming he can be.
A cynical, and crankier view of yet a smaller minority may also have had it that if failure to wear helmets killed off a few motorcycle gang members, so be it - not all opinions are charitable.
Cage once admitted he "couldn't stomach Emerson," preferring the plainer and crankier Thoreau.
The result is less work, crankier mood and fewer activities, combined with a wide-ranging search for pain relief.
At 30, I'm crankier and there are certain aspects of having this success that are aggravating to me.