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housing for a crankshaft

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By vehicle type, the automotive crankcase additives market can be segmented as:
That's why most engine overhaul shops send their crankcase work to one of two major vendors in the industry--DivCo or Crankcase Services, both in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area.
TOM: If you're wanting to add the denatured alcohol simply as a preventive measure -- if you're worried about getting sludge in the future -- then the single best thing you can do is change the oil regularly instead, and make sure your crankcase ventilation system is working properly.
The vertices of the cells at the ends of the ports connecting with the crankcase are merged with the crankcase so that they represent a common entity of crankcase volume.
Alfdex AB a supplier of proprietary crankcase gas cleaning solutions.
The Donaldson DMF muffler, combined with the Spiracle crankcase filter system, is a broadly applicable, cost effective-solution for reducing particulate matter emissions.
Crankcase gases originate from exhaust gases leaking down to the crankcase from the combustion chamber.
Interior air pollution from diesel school buses can be cut by 54% or more with the addition of devices such as Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) mufflers combined with Crankcase Filtration Systems (CFS) and exhaust soot filters, a study by the University of California, Riverside's College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology demonstrates.
The engine is lubricated through the crankcase, not the fuel, because no oil is burned in the cylinder.
The second day of the event will focus on filter media developments for air intake, oil, fuel, transmission, crankcase and other applications.
TCD engines typically require four to five ducts versus the current two to three: Crankcase breathers, air-charger inlets, air-charger returns, and other ducts are targets for 3D blow molding.
The aluminum specialists announced Thursday that they will manufacture and ship lower crankcase bed plates for GM's 4-cylinder engine platform.
Included in the proposed measures are technical standards for exhaust, evaporative, and crankcase emissions, onboard diagnostic systems, and other vehicle emission control systems.
It was recognised for its effort in bringing back to life to the world-famous Triumph Bonneville motorcycle by re-casting its lower crankcase.