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housing for a crankshaft

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The CrankCase will be designed for popular smartphone models, but will be launched for iPhone 5/5S and 6 for pre-order now.
TOM: If you're wanting to add the denatured alcohol simply as a preventive measure -- if you're worried about getting sludge in the future -- then the single best thing you can do is change the oil regularly instead, and make sure your crankcase ventilation system is working properly.
The vertices of the cells at the ends of the ports connecting with the crankcase are merged with the crankcase so that they represent a common entity of crankcase volume.
J V Murcott also makes crankcase castings for a number of other classic motorbikes, including the Tiger, Daytona, Sprint and Speed Triple.
A two-stroke engine must develop crankcase pressure to feed the fuel-air mixture up through a passageway and through a cylinder wall port which the descending piston uncovers just after it uncovers the exhaust port on the opposite side.
What we want to do is expand that service to outside Algoma Steel, collecting crankcase oils from the public in the Algoma District," says Craig.
The agreement with the European truck manufacturer makes Alfdex an exclusive supplier of equipment for cleaning of crankcase gases from diesel engines and is valid for manufacturing in the US, Europe and Japan until 2017.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Crankcase Spares For Lewa Pump As Per Nit Th/Pur/Ah-47753
It features a new air intake, cylinder heads, valve-drive, oil system, crankcase, a fuel-saving cylinder deactivation system, leather-trimmed AMG sports seats, a race timer, a Harmon Kardon audio system with a 10gb hard drive, GPS satellite navigation, an internet browser with Google Maps, and iPod and Bluetooth audio connectivity.
The DynoValve is the first, and only, electronic positive crankcase valve (PCV) shown to reduce emissions in vehicles by 50% to 90%, with a by-product of reduced maintenance and fuel costs.
That blowby in the crankcase mixes with oil to make acid and sludge.
This product is targeted for clean air intake ducts, charge air cooler ducts and crankcase ventilation components.
The safety device provides infinite positioning of the fiyi wheel during routine maintenance checks such as setting piston-end clearances, positioning sensors, or for any function when the mechanic has to be inside the crankcase.
6-liter engines which feature a two-piece bedplate crankcase structure topped by an aluminum block.