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crank used to start an engine

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Lightweight black powder-coated aluminium frame; plus crank handle and locking mechanism for quick effortless raising or lowering (max headroom 2m/7ft)
In the event of interruption or a power failure, the door can be opened manually using a crank handle.
With the first cartridge gripped between the upper and lower portions of the gib on top of the extractor, pulling the crank handle onto the roller once more, while at the same time pulling the belt again sharply to the left and then releasing the crank handle to go forward, the first round is withdrawn from the belt and the second cartridge will be gripped by the extractor's gib.
Though that didn't save him from meeting a gory end, impaled by a crank handle.
The Model 1877 Bulldog comes complete with barrel alignment tools to help in reassembling the gun after a complete tear-down, original-style bolt tool, five loading blocks and a crank handle collar to protect the rear shaft when the handle is not attached.
It was a small machine consisting of a clamp to hold it on the table, a three-pronged part to hold the apple securely; a "moveable" blade and a crank handle to turn the apple.
Captain Peacock's apparatus features a crank handle, which operated a series of cogs and paddles in the water tank.
IN Newcastle Gaol (pictured in background), hard labour first class involved turning 12,000 times a day a crank handle attached to a box containing heavy weights.
A crank handle on the outside of the masonry allows the grill bars to be lowered or raised.
66 cm) long crank handle, and a wide selection of round and square punches and dies are available.
8:1 and single folding crank handle ensure fast, smooth line retrieve.
With the use of a special lever, the clamping operation is complete in seconds with a small rotation and no need for crank handle or a bevel gear, allowing it to be positioned at any location including the center of a machining table.
The oversized crank handle looks like a Popeye arm on an Olive Oyle body.
Next, I decided to try closing the canopy with the crank handle.
This fold away window handle has an out-of-the-way design that allows the crank handle to fold back flush with the window frame, eliminating protruding handles, which have been blamed for some hand and hip injuries.