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Maston, scratching with his steel hook his gutta-percha cranium.
His first care then was to show Ferguson a severe contusion that he had received on the cranium.
Its two huge eyes extend in two vast oval patches from the centre of the top of the cranium down either side of the head to below the roots of the horns, so that these weapons really grow out from the lower part of the eyes, which are composed of several thousand ocelli each.
A striking feature of the decorations consisted of several engaged columns set into the walls at no regular intervals, the capitals of each supporting a human skull the cranium of which touched the ceiling, as though the latter was supported by these grim reminders either of departed relatives or of some hideous tribal rite--Bradley could not but wonder which.
His tall, bony figure gave promise of exceptional physical strength, while his great cranium and deep-set, lustrous eyes spoke no less clearly of the keen intelligence which twinkled out from behind his bushy eyebrows.
The opening of the red handkerchief had disclosed a superannuated "Keepsake" and six or seven numbers of a "Portrait Gallery," in royal octavo; and the emphatic request to look referred to a portrait of George the Fourth in all the majesty of his depressed cranium and voluminous neckcloth.
The latest Flores finds show that the diminutive islanders, with their craniums the size of chimps" possessed enough brainpower to parlay cultural traditions into effective toolmaking.
Just keep all those sketches of craniums and conflagrations coming to you-know-where.
During the 1980s, debate raged over how to make and interpret plaster molds of the inner surfaces of fossil craniums.
Cleaning and restoration of the skull are still under way The researchers have refrained from assigning it to a species until they can compare it in detail to other ancient Homo craniums.