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Crutches, wooden legs, artificial arms, steel hooks, caoutchouc jaws, silver craniums, platinum noses, were all to be found in the collection; and it was calculated by the great statistician Pitcairn that throughout the Gun Club there was not quite one arm between four persons and two legs between six.
And indeed the latter proved to be the truth, for this strange growth upon the craniums of the plant men of Barsoom represents the thousand ears of these hideous creatures, the last remnant of the strange race which sprang from the original Tree of Life.
And then into the clearing strode Numa, the lion-- majestic and mighty, and from a deep chest issued the moan and the cough and the rumbling roar that set stiff hairs to bristling from shaggy craniums down the length of mighty spines.
The most complete of the fossils is an adult male cranium lacking the lower jaw with heavily worn teeth, while the other adult skull was found in pieces and the child's cranium was shattered.
Crashing your bike while cruising at just 15 mph is like running headfirst into a brick wall; your hard, eight-boned cranium (skull) alone can't provide enough protection.
I prize my mental instability and nurture the lunacy which manifests itself within my cranium.
Scot Richard Tait says Cranium, currently the world's fastest-selling board game, could be a major morale-booster and motivator for Berti Vogts' men in their campaign to qualify for Euro 2004.
In the past, two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional reproductions of the remains-with clay added directly to the cranium to simulate anatomical features--produced helpful leads for investigators.
The intent of our publication was to refute any attempt to 'date' or provenance crania (not skulls, which include the cranium and mandible) on the basis of craniometrics.
The BBC series Son of God, whose first programme was aired last Sunday, asked a forensic expert in England to design the face of a Palestinian, based on a first-century cranium.
In each recurrence it both makes the tie to its predecessor and reflects the immediate themes of the whimsically titled divisions: "Historical Patchwork," "Mixed Feelings," "Diversions under the Cranium," and "In Suspense.
com)-- Danilo Mancinelli with Cranium Candy Entertainment has agreed to take on the role of Stan once again on the project Deposition II: Witness.
The scientists applied the powerful methods of 3-D geometric morphometrics to compare the shape of the LB1 cranium (the skull minus the lower jaw) to many fossil humans, as well as a large sample of modern human crania suffering from microcephaly and other pathological conditions.
A virtual cast of the inside of a 7-million-year-old cranium suggests that hominid evolution kicked off with big neural changes.