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Since 1989, Cranium Agency (a brand communications agency) has helped clients from early stage to Fortune 500 create, maintain and evolve their brands.
Evidence for the collection, curation, and re-deposition of skulls or crania at Catalhoyuk includes the occurrence of primary skeletons lacking skulls (although sometimes only the cranium is lacking) and the presence of isolated crania (and sometimes skulls) in a range of depositional contexts.
In 2011 and 2012, Government of Nunavut archaeologists briefly revisited NgLj-3 while participating in Parks Canada's multiyear search for HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, and in 2013, they remapped the site, collected the surface artifacts, removed the skeletal remains from the memorial cairn, and excavated the buried cranium (Stenton, 2014a).
This year, Silverpop recognized Whereoware for consulting partner of the year, AgilOne for technology partner of the year, Big Scary Cranium for B2B agency of the year, LSC Digital for B2C agency of the year and Hitachi Solutions for Microsoft channel partner of the year.
1) identification number--an alpha numeric code which was made with black paint, eg, XY 20 where XY refers to the institution of origin and 20 the particular number of that cranium.
The study found that the LB1 cranium shows greater affinities to the fossil human sample than it does to pathological modern humans.
A virtual cast of the inside of a 7-million-year-old cranium suggests that hominid evolution kicked off with big neural changes.
Together they worked the lecture circuit, where voyeuristic onlookers found Brooks's cranium exotic; scientists found it even more so after his death.
In 2002, she followed her lifelong love of board games and joined Cranium.
The boy has been taken to the "Pirogov" institute for emergency medicine in Sofia where a scanner exam has found evidence of cranium and stomach trauma.
To Val, it just means carte blanche to hammer Lily Butterfield over the cranium with a large guilt curtain pole.
THE brain behind the best-selling Cranium board game says his Scottish roots are the secret to his success.
The rate of infestation was 60% and there were indications of body site specificity for the colonies with most found attached to the cranium and/or mouthparts.
Cranium Whoonu is a fun way to uncover quirky facts about family and friends.
Partial multiphase skeletal scintigraphy and single-photon emission CT of the cranium showed increased bone metabolism in the area of the right frontal bone.