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a surgical opening through the skull

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In this study, 92 patients scheduled for supratentorial craniotomy under general anaesthesia were randomly allocated to receive either multipoint transcutaneous electrical acupuncture stimulation (TEAS) or sham TEAS.
Craniotomy refers to a surgical procedure in which a part of bone is removed from the skull to expose the brain.
He also required physiotherapy to recover from the craniotomy.
The subsequent management dilemmas involve the decision to perform a diagnostic angiogram prior to craniotomy in poor-grade patients where the aSDH is causing a significant mass effect.
A middle fosse craniotomy with temporal bone exploration was performed.
Later, it was decided a craniotomy was necessary (removing a square of skull for a better view of the brain).
Online access to eight videos of the most common techniques (middle fossa approach, retro-sigmoid and translabyrinthine craniotomy, transotic approach, combined petrosal approach, temporal bone resection, auditory brainstem implant, and blind closure and cerebrospinal fluid leak repair) is included.
Chapter 1 lays the groundwork for discussion, illustrated via the standard test case of craniotomy, a now-obsolete procedure involving crushing a birthing child's too-large head so that it would fit through the pelvis, to save the mother's life during an impossible birth.
Epidural empyema is mostly caused by sinusitis, trauma associated with skull fracture and craniotomy as well as orbital cellulitis and cranial osteomyelitis.
But yesterday he revealed his son Carl had a tumour known as a glioma and required a sixhour craniotomy where his skull was cut open.
The standard of care for ICH patients is general supportive care, usually in an ICU; only 10 percent undergo the more invasive and risky craniotomy surgery, which involves removing a portion of the skull and making incisions through healthy brain tissue to reach and remove the clot.
During a craniotomy, a bone flap was removed from Simmons' skull to reduce
Traditionally, such operations involved surgeons opening the skull - a procedure known as a craniotomy - and delving downwards.
Among the nine IQIs, as the percentage of black discharges increased, the rate of inpatient mortality increased for CABG, craniotomy, hip replacement, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, hip fracture, and pneumonia; however, the rate of inpatient mortality decreased for abdominal aortic aneurysm, congestive heart failure, and acute stroke.
I was really worried I'd have to have a craniotomy but Mr Ahmed removed the entire tumour through my nose and I was home within a week.