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the branch of physical anthropology dealing with the study and measurement of dry skulls after removal of its soft parts

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has proven itself quite capable of producing scientific theories and data to justify racist practices, policies, and ideologies throughout its history (including the use of craniometry to lend legitimacy to practices of slavery in the U.
Thus understood, gunplay is craniometry by other means: both ensure Indian suffering.
Most of these bio-determinists employed craniometry to prove woman's biological and intellectual inferiority.
The "scientific racists" employed several ludicrous techniques and theories, including craniometry (measurement of the bones of the skull) and phrenology (study of the "bumps" on heads to determine character, personality traits, and criminality), to prove the intellectual, moral, and ethic superiority of Europeans to non-Europeans.
In Mismeasure of Man, Stephen Jay Gould recounts numerous "bad arguments" within the frame of his own carefully reasoned "good" argument, a critique of nineteeth-century craniometry and twentieth-century intelligence testing that makes as explicit as possible the warrants, reservations, and qualifiers.
For Broca, the measurements of the skull, craniometry, gave a scientific validity to anthropology and provided the most accurate way to make racial discriminations.