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of or relating to craniometry

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While some early craniometric studies were tainted by racism (Gould 1992; Arnold 2006: 15-19, Pl.
whether the latter were Kerman or perhaps foreign slaves or prisoners, a craniometric comparison was undertaken between groups.
They use wild suid craniometric data from Israel to demonstrate that there can be marked variations in wild pig populations across geographic ranges.
However, the skull's craniometric parameters differ from those of the general population of the cemetery.
For example, two diametrically opposed craniometric groupings of Bronze Age skulls, by two competent specialists using different clustering methods, are cited as a warning against putting too much faith in groups defined just by craniometric statistics; while the basic distinction between broadly Caucasoid and Mongoloid facial types is accepted.
This analysis is based on craniometric data from different sites and dates, which refer to the cumulative effect of variability in spatial and temporal dimensions.
This final question re-examines conclusions derived from the analysis of craniometric variation in Chalcolithic human skeletal series of the Deccan Plateau.