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cranial nerve that supplies facial muscles

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The facial nerve palsy is associated with epineural granulomas and perineural inflammatory infiltrates of cranial nerve VII (12).
8) They included a mass in the area of the ear (n = 28; 56%), a polyp in the ear canal (n = 27; 54%), aural discharge (n = 20; 40%), aural bleeding (n = 15; 30%), earache (n = 11; 22%), deafness (n = 7; 14%), and cranial nerve VII palsy (n = 7; 14%).
For example, the exit for cranial nerve VII passes anterior to the otic capsule through a space (incisura pro otica) left by the growth upward and backward of the parachordals to form the acrochordal plate contacting the otic capsule.
There is a space between the otic capsule and the ascending process of the palatoquadrate where cranial nerve VII exits the skull posteriorly.