cranial cavity

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the cavity enclosed by the cranium

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A glial choristoma is a mass-like lesion of mature brain tissue that is found outside the spinal cord and cranial cavity.
The volume of brain tissue in a healthy adult is constant, while volumes of blood and CSF within the cranial cavity are tightly controlled to prevent fluctuations in ICP.
A trigeminal nerve palsy is a more serious consequence than Horner's syndrome, because this could signify cephalad spread of the anaesthetic agent into the cranial cavity.
The major disadvantage of this approach is the risk of intraoperative cyst rupture and spillage of its content into the cranial cavity.
However, tension pneumocephalus, accumulation of air trapped in the cranial cavity causing a mass effect and abnormal neurological signs, is uncommon.
Hospital personnel determined she was suffering from an accumulation of fluid within her cranial cavity as a result of an infestation of pork tapeworm.
The helmet has sensors that register vibrations of the cranial cavity so I don't have to have a microphone in my mouth.
On the skull was a depressed fracture where pieces of bone had been pushed into the cranial cavity.
Because Caleb's skull had stopped expanding, this surgery created the necessary space in his cranial cavity to allow his brain to grow.
Evans has been with The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia since 1969, and is a pioneer in the clinical study and treatment of neuroblastoma -- malignant tumors often found in infants and children affecting the adrenal glands, liver, lungs, lymph nodes, cranial cavity and skeleton.
High-resolution computed tomography (CT) of the anterior cranial fossa demonstrated air in the cranial cavity, indicating a fracture or breach of the cribiform plate (figure 1).