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After much research Dr Upledger theorized that cranial bones continue to move into adulthood--a process previously thought to occur only in infants.
Cranial bone grafting in maxillofacial trauma and reconstruction.
Two distinct varieties were noted on the cranial bones of both specimens: one pattern reflects perimortem and the other, postmortem bone change.
cepacia infection of soft tissue (the cranial bone lesion was attributed to trauma).
We feel the first applications for dental pulp stem cells will be in the oral cavity," added Jeanne Coupe, RDH, NDPL clinical relations specialist, "which would include root regeneration, cranial bone repair and jaw regeneration.
Yunusov had lost part of his cranial bone in a Russian bombing.
CT scans of normal patients show the cranial bone lined by a thin layer of dura mater.
As a person grows, he argues, genetically constrained chewing muscles lead to relatively small jaws, thus permitting the deposition of additional cranial bone to encase a large brain.
Until recently, the more common approach to cranial bone flap fixation was stainless steel wire, but this has not always yielded optimum results.
Within 2 years, re-establishment of cranial bone integrity was reported.
The find, consisting of part of a cranial bone and some teeth, was presented in Tokyo at a meeting of the Paleontological Society of Japan.
Contract notice: Synthetic bone substitute for spine surgery, orthopedic and trauma, biomaterial alloplastic, acrylic resin for cranial bone defects.
19%), when present, it was the least fragmented cranial bone (8.
Pacchionian granulations are hypertrophic arachnoidal villi, which can erode through cranial bone, causing lytic lesions on skull roentgenograms or computed tomography (CT) scans.