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Crania with the same or similar cranial index may, in fact, be very dissimilar in their shape.
The pattern of damage to ET 5301--the loss of the face, all or part of both horn cores, and most of the minor prominences on other parts of the cranium, in conjunction with relatively large missing chips of bone--is consistent with patterns of damage seen in male crania of Bootherium bombifrons that have been recovered from coarse fluvial sediments and are presumed to have been damaged by abrasion in high-energy fluvial currents.
In line with the multiregional origins theory, the fossil crania of European H.
The skull displays no polish, no cut or scrape marks, no peeling or flaking and none of the beveling found on apparently cannibalized crania of Melanesians and southwestern Native Americans, the researchers note in their paper.
The genus is the [meaningful] category with regards to teeth and crania, Tattersall says.
Analyses of bony grooves on the inside of fossilized hominid crania, performed by Falk and several other investigators (NS: 7/2/83, p.
Caspari and Wolpoff compared the Klasies River Mouth skull remains with 36 human crania from a nearby site dating to between 1,000 and 9,000 years ago.
However, Smith contends, the skeletal remains, particularly the crania, contain some Neanderthal-like features that suggest a genetic blending of populations.