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Although the cultural needs vary from species to species, most cranesbills need sun to light shade (especially in hot inland areas), average soil, and moderate water.
Our native cranesbill, Geranium pratense, starts to flower now, accompanying the vivid magenta blooms of Geranium psilostemon.
Buxton's Blue is another famous cranesbill named after a great plantsman, E C Buxton, who specialised in wonderful woodland gardening.
We're talking hardy geraniums here and specifically the Meadow Cranesbill.
Easy geraniums to start with are the pink spreader Geranium endressii `Wargrave Pink', Geranium wallichianum `Buxton's Variety', which has white-edged, china-blue flowers and beautifully mottled leaves, Geranium sanguineum, the bloody cranesbill, which has magenta flowers.
The other self-seeder is native meadow cranesbill, Geranium pratense, which decorates grassy embankments with a soft blue haze.
Geranium 'Mrs Kendall Clark' is one of the finest meadow cranesbills with its soft violet blue flowers veined with white.
Hardy geraniums, or cranesbills, are fantastic for the cottage garden.
The collections are hand-picked from a range which includes hardy cranesbills to bellflowers, giant echiums to sea-hollies and columbines to hollyhocks.
On the outskirts of Belsay, visitors will also find a wild flower meadow strewn with both native and exotic flowers including cowslips, orchids and woodland cranesbills to name but a few.
The name geranium comes from the Greek word for the crane, which refers to the shape of the seedpod and which gives them their common name of cranesbills.