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All these cranesbills look just the ticket alongside agapanthus.
Gardeners should plant pots in their gardens or window ledges with nectar sources such as catmint, lavender, cranesbill, oregano and echinacea, he urged.
It is always fascinating to watch a flotilla of tiny bumblebees visiting Geranium phaeum, the mourning widow cranesbill.
Now is a good time to take basal cuttings from perennial border flowers such as delphiniums, lupins and cranesbill geraniums, putting five around the edge of a 10cm (4in) pot filled with seed compost, water lightly and place in a heated propagator at 16C (60F), or slip inside a plastic bag and keep on a shady windowsill indoors.
PERENNIAL plant Cranesbill geranium is perfect at the front of borders to fill in gaps where otherwise weeds would grow.
Use reliable ground cover plants such as cranesbill geranium to take up any visible soil space and mulch borders and areas of bare ground to suppress weeds.
Uses Pair with bearded iris, campanula, catmint, cranesbill, or roses.
Cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum) and bellflower (Campanula carpatica) are very informal plants that will flop over with the weight of the flowers.
The project includes - Paved areas and communication of Vibro-pressed concrete paving,- Landscaping, and the removal of existing trees, new plantings (planting Hortense, cranesbill, red maple), furniture (litter bins, benches) and restoring grasslands in the area of ?
The grasslands support a wide range of plant species characteristic of this national rare vegetation community type including bloody cranesbill, rockrose, salad burnet, restharrow, marjoram and sea plantain.
Now on the lane leading to my home, we have cow parsley, the last of the blue bells, dog violets, creeping buttercup, foxgloves, stitchwort, cranesbill, ransom and red campion - it's beautiful and covered in butterflies and insects.
Buxton's Blue is another famous cranesbill named after a great plantsman, E C Buxton, who specialised in wonderful woodland gardening.
Chuck in some claret hedge woundwort, white bladder campion and a little hoary bedstraw, greater knapweed and delightful pink bloody cranesbill.
Plant species that they don't like, such as hardy cranesbill geraniums, hydrangea, potentilla, lavatera and plants with hairy or narrow leaves.
A meadowland roof will cap the design, using plants found on the reserve such as kidney vetch, viper's bugloss, bloody cranesbill and northern marsh orchid.