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long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite

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While sorting and identifying crane flies collected from Eluang Shan, Anhui, China, 1 found a pair of T.
As I watched Emily stalk the crane flies I thought to myself, "OK, this will be the big test: If she leaps up on a chair to reach a crane fly, I will know for sure that she is officially carrying the torch of her grandma and great-grandma.
NEW VISITORS: the red kite (right) and little egret (centre) are regularly seen in the Midlands while the black kite (left) could be attracted by changes to our climate' ON THE INCREASE: dartford warbler and crane flies or daddy long-legs' FLOURISHING: the adder and the beautifully-coloured bee keeper
This year, warm, wet weather helped create an abundance of the spindly crane flies, some with 1-1/2-inch legs, a 2-inch body and 2-inch wingspan.
False rumors about crane flies often cause consumers to overreact in late summer and fall.
They are in fact the Pholcidae family of spiders and the confusion arises as they are, like crane flies, also known as daddy-long-legs.
Toward this end a survey was conducted throughout 2009 during those months when adult crane flies are active, including both summer and autumn, in which all crane flies large enough to be hosts were netted whenever possible at the same locality as the original collection and in surrounding habitats as well.
DESPITE their nickname, crane flies are not exactly the daddies of the insect world.
It preys on relatively large insects such as moths, crane flies and sedge flies.
Ms Morgan said it may appear that there are more crane flies than usual this ar because of the weather.
You have discovered the larvae of one the crane flies (Daddy-long-legs), known commonly as the leatherjackets.
Like it's been reincarnated on my forehead as a small nest of anguished crane flies.
It was also a good week at Hury with many fish taken from the surface as they gorged on crane flies.
Also known as crane flies, daddy longlegs are a late autumnal species that peak at this time of year.
Experts say this a bumper spring for the inch-long grubs, which are the larvae of crane flies, better known as daddy long-legs.