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Synonyms for crampon

a hinged pair of curved iron bars

an iron spike attached to the shoe to prevent slipping on ice when walking or climbing

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Crampons are used for ice climbing and attach to footwear allowing the front points of the crampon to cut into the snow or ice.
Black Diamond manufactures about 10,000 pairs of crampons per year, and the laser produces all six metal components required for each crampon.
The Tour Nanotech Semi-Automatic has a red toe strap at the front of the crampon and a red heel bail at the back.
She's let our town down, she's supposed to be helping us, not herself - Karl Jobson, pictured with Jenna Crampon, left
I DON'T suppose in any list of phrases uttered by a gamekeeper you'll find the words: "Pass the crampons.
It looks like he caught one of his crampons in his trouser leg, which caused him to overbalance.
Adam described how he swapped his crampon from his broken foot to make the agonising ascent up the walls of the crevasse to raise the alarm.
Shoes are sleek, lightweight, and made of aluminum and carbon fiber with improved bindings and crampon systems.
Janine Godfrey, who was training to be a climbing instructor, suffered serious head and spinal injuries when she tripped over a crampon on her boot and slipped down a gully.
Pat Appleton caught her trouser leg on a crampon and fell down snow-covered 3405ft Am Bodach in Glencoe.
Pour la premiere fois depuis sa blessure a la cheville en mars, l'attaquant francais de 32 ans a lace ses chaussures a crampons pour 45 minutes d'exercices, precise le club sur son site internet.
Tenders are invited for Nit For Item Part No A3/8465-000745 To 000750 Crampons Size 5 To 10
We were given heavy boots (they made the trek more difficult, but since we hiked in snow with crampons all the way up, better to have used theirs than our lighter ones); ice axe; and heavy, hooded jackets, ski pants, gloves, gaiters, helmets, and packs.
He got them to put on their crampons and escorted them back to the helicopter in the rescue last March.
Yesterday climbers and walkers were again advised: "In these conditions proper footwear and warm clothing, crampons and an ice axe are essential.