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a student who crams

a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations

a special school where students are crammed

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a textbook designed for cramming

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There was no significant difference in academic achievement among extreme crammers, light crammers, and noncrammers in either the active procrastinator group (F = 1.
The results support prior findings that crammers perform just as well as the other groups (Brinthaupt & Shin, 2001; Sommer, 1990; Vacha & McBride, 1993).
Among the positives reported by student crammers were increased concentration on the materials and better memory for them.
Crewe (1969) suggested that crammers might benefit from a recency effect in the learning of material.
Whether the extruder is fed by gravity or with a side feeder, crammer, or stuffer, there is always some inconsistency in the feed uniformity due to the erratic characteristics of these feedstocks.
Although this pattern of results is inconsistent with the claim that crammers perform better on tests (Brinthaupt & Shin, 2001), the result of Brinthaupt and Shin may not be connected to actual improvement of academic achievement because they operated a cramming situation, where crammers were better practiced and more accustomed whereas noncrammers were unfamiliar with it.
PARC Foundation in San Juan City, meanwhile, is the venue for Husay Talents and Vibe Studio's 'Si Chester at ang UV Ride Pa-Ayala,' The Scenius Pro's 'Ang Pag-ibig ni Lalake at ni Babae' and Crammers Collective's 'Love Labs,' among other exciting new works.
With just the help of a stopwatch, factors such as the sequence and influence of hopper loaders, dryers, crammers, stuffers, feeders, regrind variation, and even changing environmental--issues in the plant could be investigated with the analog meters.
Is the feed opening sufficiently large, and are there any restrictions prior to the throat, such as stuffers, crammers or feeders?
It's Valentine's Day, and if you don't know where to go, here's a weekend theater guide for crammers, theater lovers, couples who want something new, and those who have run out tickets to "Fifty Shades of Grey.
Offers ram stuffers, crammers, and dual-diameter reprocessing and reclaim systems.
extruders and/or hopper crammers, depending on feed material.
use dual-diameter extruders and/or hopper crammers, depending on feed material.
The World Bank report, which underlines that "high-stakes exams are at the core of the different ability tracks that students are placed in and thus contribute to unequal opportunities and outcomes," acknowledges that attending a crammer course increases a student's chances in entrance exams, but only if significant amounts of money are invested (about $1,250 per year).
On an individual basis, company offers polymer gear-pump system; heavyduty crammer feeders; sheet and film takeoff systems; pelletizers; machine-direction and transverse-direction orientators; coating systems; winding systems; slitting systems; control systems; heating and temperature-control systems; screenchangers; and a host of ancillary products.