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a student who crams

a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations

a special school where students are crammed

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a textbook designed for cramming

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Tell any amount of crammers about buckjumpers, mountain bulls, and flyers.
Mr Challlnor lays bare parents' overwhelming motivation In sending their "little ones" (his term, not mine) to fee-paying crammers.
In one sense, ADHD medicine "is the NoDoz of the 2000s," says Blake, referring to the caffeine-laden pills used by generations of late-night crammers.
We bunked off our new crammers in South Kensington, sniffed glue, became punks and hung out at the Marquee Club.
The FTC, which is currently discussing with the defendants how the cases will proceed, claims the crammers were offering hundreds of thousands of small businesses an Internet presence for a free trial period but then proceeded to charge for the service whether the company accepted the offer or not.
The report notes that while the full scope of mobile cramming is not known, just three cases brought last year by the Commission against mobile crammers led to more than $160 million in judgments.
Less severe but still very problematic are the use of feed-assist devices such as crammers, stuffers, and side feeders that are not designed and/or operated properly.
With just the help of a stopwatch, factors such as the sequence and influence of hopper loaders, dryers, crammers, stuffers, feeders, regrind variation, and even changing environmental--issues in the plant could be investigated with the analog meters.
Is the feed opening sufficiently large, and are there any restrictions prior to the throat, such as stuffers, crammers or feeders?
Offers ram stuffers, crammers, and dual-diameter reprocessing and reclaim systems.
Since taking action against these suspected crammers, Bell Atlantic's complaints from residential customers have plunged to roughly 5,000 a month.
extruders and/or hopper crammers, depending on feed material.
use dual-diameter extruders and/or hopper crammers, depending on feed material.