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a student who crams

a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations

a special school where students are crammed

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a textbook designed for cramming

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While the reform programme may have the backing of consumers, looking to access all content freely across the whole of Europe, based on a questionnaire put to the attendees of Fieldfisher's Media Crammer, it does not have widespread support within the creative industries.
Baker F, Ainsworth SR, Dye JT, Crammer C, Thun MJ, Hoffmann D, et al.
Although Davin and Mulgan will always be associated to some extent because of their proximity' as editors at Oxford University' Press, and because one finished, after the war, the little crammer on Eng.
The World Bank report, which underlines that "high-stakes exams are at the core of the different ability tracks that students are placed in and thus contribute to unequal opportunities and outcomes," acknowledges that attending a crammer course increases a student's chances in entrance exams, but only if significant amounts of money are invested (about $1,250 per year).
com/19895/jon-stewart-vs-jim-cramer-the-full-video/) CNBC 's Jim Crammer about the network's coverage of the housing market in 2009.
Douglas Crammer as trustee of the Kay Douglas Crammer Trust vs.
Kelsey Crammer stars as a powerful mayor in a competitive political environment
While a third season is being planned, Camifie Crammer already has stated she is leaving the show Several women also have quit other franchises because they want to seek fame on their own, they have bruised egos, or they've realized a belated need to protect family privacy.
1985), Crammer and Ikan (1987) and Phillips (1987).
ictQatar's Executive Director of Communication Brian Wesolowski and Assistant Secretary- General of Regulatory Authority Christa M Crammer were also present on the occasion.
Since frying oil is generally the largest single operating expense in high-volume frying operations, being able to cook the same quantities of high-quality fried products while consuming less oil represents a significant opportunity, said Tim Crammer, Henny Penny's marketing director.
When country singer Billy Crammer recorded it in I960 for Monument Records, his version, entitled "Gotta Travel On," became a Number 4.
The Opti-Mix series blenders handle plasticising rates of up to 5,000 kg/hr and as well as the crammer, also have TSM's Micra-Dose valve technology for dosing accuracies down to [+ or -] 0.