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a student who crams

a teacher who is paid to cram students for examinations

a special school where students are crammed

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a textbook designed for cramming

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With that data you can size the hopper for adequate capacity to service the extruder's desired output and start to develop the crammer design.
In the extreme crammer group, academic achievement was positively related to active procrastination (r = .
com/19895/jon-stewart-vs-jim-cramer-the-full-video/) CNBC 's Jim Crammer about the network's coverage of the housing market in 2009.
Douglas Crammer as trustee of the Kay Douglas Crammer Trust vs.
While a third season is being planned, Camifie Crammer already has stated she is leaving the show Several women also have quit other franchises because they want to seek fame on their own, they have bruised egos, or they've realized a belated need to protect family privacy.
1985), Crammer and Ikan (1987) and Phillips (1987).
But in a family as single-mindedly bent on gentility as Scott's, the old tyranny of the professions meant that at the age of 11, he was packed off to a crammer at Fareham to prepare him for entrance to the Royal Navy's training ship, Britannia.
ictQatar's Executive Director of Communication Brian Wesolowski and Assistant Secretary- General of Regulatory Authority Christa M Crammer were also present on the occasion.
Since frying oil is generally the largest single operating expense in high-volume frying operations, being able to cook the same quantities of high-quality fried products while consuming less oil represents a significant opportunity, said Tim Crammer, Henny Penny's marketing director.
When country singer Billy Crammer recorded it in I960 for Monument Records, his version, entitled "Gotta Travel On," became a Number 4.
The Opti-Mix series blenders handle plasticising rates of up to 5,000 kg/hr and as well as the crammer, also have TSM's Micra-Dose valve technology for dosing accuracies down to [+ or -] 0.
Highlighted for NPE will be [the] TEM extruder with a newly designed high-output Crammer Feeder for direct feeding and compounding of low-bulk-density and non-free-flowing materials such as fluff from recycled carpet, foamed materials, and fine or odd-shaped particles.
Devon (1898-1904), and an army crammer in Stratford-upon-Avon while also taking evening classes in art at Stratford Technical College.
The orchestra's chief executive Sten Crammer said: "It was obvious from the first rehearsal that the chemistry was something very special and rare.
He said: "If you are a crammer which a lot of people are, you expect to be in the throes of exit velocity in your final year.