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any of several short-billed Old World rails

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Expected results: The main excepted result is an increase in the breeding population of bittern, by at least 20 pairs, spotted crake, by up to 30 males, and staging cranes, by more than 1000 individuals.
Set in the backdrop of a near future that resembles contemporary USA, Oryx and Crake subtly but unmistakably critiques the fundamentalist, anti-feminist new-Right 'Motherhood religion' that has oppressed American women since the 1980s.
Birds at both nests were identified as Chestnut-headed Crake because of their chestnut head with an olive-brown mid-line extending from the nape to the back.
He recalls his best friend, the genius Crake, inventor of the Crakers; Oryx, the sexually abused love of his life; and the events leading up to the cataclysm that produced this wasteland.
Beyond those rather general concerns both novels share, the world of Oryx and Crake is an altogether grimmer affair, one in which language and technology play significantly more important roles.
From the pretty, tiny village of Crosby Ravensworth, just 10 minutes drive from junction 3 8 on the M6, a track leads to Crake Trees Manor, a sheep farm named after the ancient manor house whose ruins stand near a superb barn conversion.
I was staying at a place near Cairns called Cassowary House and down below my balcony was a small, rare bird called the red-necked crake.
With Oryx and Crake, Canada's premier novelist returns to the Kind of chilling, futuristic fiction that distinguished her classic of the genre, The Handmaid's Tale.
They crake engines and gearboxes, not cars, for export to Brazil and Morocco.
RUNNING: Australian Paul Crake won the Empire State Building run-up on Tuesday, completing the race up 86 flights of steps in New York City's tallest building in 9 minutes, 40 seconds.
Hooper, vice president and chair, Promotion and Development Committee; Abby Cynamon, secretary; Scott Tacktill, treasurer and chair, Budget Committee; Caroline Emery, immediate past president and co-chair, Bylaws Committee; Nancy Isenberg, First DCA representative and co-chair, Bylaws Committee; Harriet Eisen, Second DCA representative and chair, Membership Committee; Jill Rubin, Third DCA representative and chair, Nominating Committee; Nancy Crake, Fourth DCA representative and co-chair, Planning and Conference Committee; Donna Hoffmann, Fifth DCA representative and co-chair, Education Committee; Robert J.
And Teesside pub boss Shaun Crake, who already co-owns O'Connells further down the street, Sherlock's and The Star in Middlesbrough as well as The Wasps Nest in Stockton and Dubliners in Thornaby, has set his sights on a new micropub in Bedford Street - and he's asked for help naming it.
Steve Crake pointed out that while the firm employs 3,000 people, it directly impacts upon 5,000 through its supply chain, on which it spends PS350m a year.
Back row, Nicole Drysdale, Antonia Coxon, Ellie Cunningham, Rebecca Cowell, Erin Elliott, Ellen Crake, Emily Arkle
in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene, Ethel Rosenberg and communist motherhood as national allegory, Ireland and South Africa in Maud Gonne's nonfiction, Salman Rushdie corrupting Mother India in The Moor's Last Sigh, representations of female terrorists in West German media during the 1970s, and Margaret Atwood unmothering the nation in Oryx and Crake.