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Synonyms for cragged

having a surface that is not smooth

Synonyms for cragged

having hills and crags

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Jean Hampton, An Expressive Theory of Retribution, in RETRIBUTIVISM AND ITS CRITICS 1, 5-6 (Wesley Cragged.
Relief was etched on Coleraine boss Marty Quinn's cragged features - his gamble to throw a 16-year-old rookie, Stephen Dooley, came up trumps as the youngster grabbed an 84th-minute equaliser against Donegal Celtic.
As he said in his fascinating "personal philosophy," Around the Cragged Hill, government "always implies and involves power.
The surrounding wilderness is an alpine dreamscape: crevassed glaciers, glistening snowfields, cragged peaks, steep mountainsides thick with timber, blue lakes, wildflower meadows, tumbling creeks, raging rivers--most painted in various shades of surreal green.
The lines disappear and turn into cragged white shapes on black that resemble a topographical map, evoking the wilderness charted in Byrd's books.
One consequence of this rapprochement has been a growing awareness of the claim made by John Donne in "Satire 3," that "On a huge hill, / Cragged, and steep, Truth stands".
A journey there features rugged mountains, heather-covered moors, sparkling lochs, swift-flowing streams and cragged coastlines.