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stranded on or as if on a crag

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They spent a very long time wandering the East Face trying to get down to the Heather Terrace, but eventually became totally cragfast.
Mr Grisdale said: "It would have been a traumatic experience for the survivor who became cragfast and could not move.
Getting caught by darkness or becoming cragfast is not, in itself, a jus-tification for calling for help.
TWO climbers, cragfast on cliffs near North Stack, Holyhead, were winched to safety by an RAF helicopter.
The men were cragfast at Gogarth Bay near South Stack off Anglesey at 4.
Just before Christmas a young couple were rescued by the Ogwen Valley mountain rescue team (OVMRO) after becoming cragfast on Tryfan.
The father became cragfast on the ridge and requested help.
And yesterday afternoon, team members escorted a 39-year-old man from Blackburn to safety after he became cragfast while descending Tryfan.