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Fresh challenge: Kirstie Allsopp tests her mettle as a craftswoman in Kirstie's Handmade Britain.
Geary is a retired psychologist and active beadwork craftswoman who has written two other books on beading.
Richard Green of Birmingham, England showcases a cradle by Blackfeet craftswoman Deborah Magee.
LEANNE O'SULLIVAN makes her entrance as a poet with the story of a young craftswoman coming to terms with the demands of her art and the sources of her selfhood.
TOMORROW'S Guisborough Christmas Market features the work of local craftswoman Jill Christie, of Wold Pottery of Loftus, among many arts and crafts and home-grown foods.
She would have loved to concentrate on watercolour, but it was photography and framing that paid so she had to be content with being a craftswoman.
Washington-born Bonnie walked into the male-dominated world of building straight after school and became an expert craftswoman specialising in fine repairs to marble, porcelain, fibreglass, stone and acrylics.
We also meet Linda Orr, a self-trained craftswoman starting-up on a shoestring.
The five other recipients of the award are sinologist Tadao Ishikawa, 78, leather craftswoman Fukuko Okubo, 81, calligrapher Kason Sugioka, 87, organic chemist Ryoji Noyori, 62, and actress Isuzu Yamada, 83.
The Spanish craftswoman, whilst winning several international awards for her design excellence, continues to surprise and delight with her collections which are uniquely her own.
Leah is the resident master craftswoman at See Jane Drill, and she walks women through every step of every job, explaining things in detail as she goes along.
Sitting in her store situated deep inside the festival's traditional souq, the craftswoman told Gulf News: "There is very little variety among stores.
Among them, female craftswoman Aziz Fatima is a 39-year old artisan of Balochi embroidery.
Halima Abdullah Asiri, a craftswoman, said she makes stone houses representing her village.
It also reviewed a proposal by the Tunisian Republic to set up a forum for Arab craftswoman and dedicating an award for the best woman association in the field of environment protection.