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A forgone conclusion, one might think: what contemporary reader will not prefer Hass, at least, both for his more tempered, craftsmanly style and for his liberal humanism?
It was a place in which artists continued to display immense creativity, craftsmanly skill and perfection and their work responded sublimely to the tastes and needs of an international clientele.
Thus it's not rash to prophesy that commitment in the future will be less political in nature than craftsmanly, at the level of writing and technique, and that for a reason that stems from the very nature of the literary work: for while political commitment is always ambiguous and dependent on circumstances, commitment to craft is well suited to the ambivalent nature of an art whose prime exigency is not to exclude the opposite exigency.
The jury was much taken with the handling of daylight in both blocks, and with the craftsmanly reinterpretation of traditional Japanese details such as the sliding doors that are used throughout.
The craftsmanly precision of this installation recalls the manicured habitats of middle-class society, with their sought-after feeling of security.