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The Craftsman brand truly supports our veterans, and IAVA is proud to partner with this patriotic, iconic American brand," said Paul Rieckhoff, CEO and founder of IAVA.
The whole Craftsman movement was about rediscovering handmade things,'' says Sue Mossman, executive director of the preservation nonprofit Pasadena Heritage.
Sabarov will distribute Craftsman hand tools and lawn and garden equipment via major centers around the country meaning that these superior products will soon be available in a tool store near you.
Even the clients sometimes find the fact that they were easily able to find a skilled craftsman within their district is rather incredible.
RKW's new RoofTopGuard Craftsman underlayment offers waterproof secure protection and durable strength with economical pricing for temperate climates where premium high-wind protection is not required.
No matter how little sleep he had, or how complicated and lengthy his repair was, Craftsman Lombardi would have a smile on his face and an infectious enthusiasm that carried his section forward.
Now the Office of Fair Trading has hit Craftsman Kitchens with new fast-track powers to clamp down on conmen.
For instance, the 1940 Craftsman socket set was a huge improvement over the 1914 set.
It may be the work of Olek Lejbzon and Company -- a group of European craftsman dedicated to preserving the handiwork of the past.
Using only his sight, touch and hearing, the craftsman checks equipment on a scheduled basis, and notes any problems or defects, typically recording them on a special PM form which alerts the maintenance personnel to specific problem areas.
AmpliVox built the podium on the Craftsman set for a YouTube Sears-Craftsman Experience video that was shot just prior to the awards (http://www.
March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Get ready to rub some sawdust on your hands and unleash your creative spirit because this September, the Craftsman MAKEcation event is coming to Brooklyn, N.
The meeting also reviewed the arrangements for winner-honouring ceremony to be held on March, in concurrence with the Oman Craftsman Day celebration.
Ramesh Kumar is a fourth generation craftsman who believes that next generation is not very keen on carrying forward the tradition.
California Speedway is offering race fans a chance to visit the track's garage for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race Feb.