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Synonyms for cradlesong

a quiet song intended to lull a child to sleep

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the act of singing a quiet song to lull a child to sleep


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GRAND OLE ta2 = cradlesong, goaltender, longhaired, overlading
kind from cradlesong, mimicry, jest, the ornamentation of houses, dress, and utensils up to church services, monuments, buildings, and triumphal processions.
Other common names for lullaby are cradlesong, berceuse (French), Wiegenlied, Schlaf- or Schlummerlied (German), ninnananne (Italian), and nana (Spanish), to name a few.
In our childhood, we acquaint with literature from our parents as they sing cradlesongs and tell fairy tales to us.
This anthology, printed in 1939 and permanently out of print, is held in many libraries nationwide; it includes boleros, criollas, canciones, sones, cradlesongs, rumbas, and congas by thirty-one Cuban composers.
He enjoyed writing poems and songs, especially cradlesongs for his baby daughter, a beautiful child with bluish green eyes.