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Synonyms for crackup

a wrecking of a vehicle

a sudden sharp decline in mental, emotional, or physical health

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Kirkpatrick, "The Evangelical Crackup," New York Times Sunday Magazine, October 28, 2007; available at http:/Twww.
The crackup of the New Left in due course did little to keep the heat off the Enlightenment.
24 said, "The Republican Congress is turning into something of an embarrassment, if not a crackup.
Since I love a good crackup, I was caught up in every word.
The crackup ahead lies in the mismatch between the challenges facing America and the public's willingness to support an activist foreign policy to deal with them.
The still-unfolding front story: Stevens is now on mood stabilizers, pulling his life together and, like a recovering alcoholic, making amends with friends and relatives he offended during his very public crackup.
While that statement is exaggerated, the sentiment behind it has been gaining traction around the globe, especially in the wake of the climate conference debacle in Copenhagen (see "Climate Crackup," page 28).
When the atheistic Mary Faith suddenly barges in to tell him that, after all, she'll marry him in the local Catholic church as he wants, the old signs of an impending crackup resurface.
In other words, though his art may not yet have attained the power of a highway crackup, he must be doing something right.
You might have read in last week's edition about the crackup of northeast Arkansas' largest advertising firm, MKB Marketing of Jonesboro, which appears to be the result of a $750,000 judgment against the company's three founding partners.
Perlstein demonstrates in Justice, Justice: School Politics and the Eclipse of Liberalism, Ocean Hill-Brownsville was the scene of New York's liberal crackup.
And it won't be enough to prevent the crackup that will soon finish off the era of Republican dominance.
The main rival of the Christian Democrats, the Communist Party, simultaneously experienced a crackup of its own, as the communist model fell by the wayside in Europe.
It's really a crackup watching the faces of her opponents.