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a thief who breaks open safes to steal valuable contents

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RAFFLES - THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN Ernest William Hornung (pounds 7.
To illustrate how prolific a cracksman he was, notes taken at the time suggest there were traces of ballast, or proofing, on his clothing from other safes.
His first Raffles novel The Amateur Cracksman was published in 1899.
This television fame led to a less-than-successful film career between 1960 and 1967 in movies such as: Sands of the Desert, Petticoat Pirates, David MacDonald, The Cracksman and Mr Ten Per Cent.
The first Raffles book, The Amateur Cracksman, was published in 1899, and was a manifestation of fin de siecle aestheticism, transposed to crime literature.
The bookies want control of the SP in the same way the fox forever desires the key to the henhouse or the cracksman craves the combination to the safe and in the last few days an opportunity has arisen that the bookies have seized.
Beau again is a major fancy on pedigree, but just as stoutly bred is Frantic Tan, whose first two dams are by Buckskin and Cracksman and who is from Kingsmark's family.
FILM CREDITS: The Cracksman, Doctor In Distress, And Father Came Too, The Barge, A Home Of Your Own, The Runaway Railway, The Man Outside, Futtock's End, Robin And Marian, Porridge By The Sea.
Troubled tendons tumble and thrash about and I can't get rid of the image of him as a cracksman as he gives my spine one final heave and it feels as though he's finally cracked the combination.