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Synonyms for crackling

the residue that remains after animal fat has been rendered


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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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A few tweaks have been made to the product but it still has a small bag of flavoured pork crackling behind each window.
It is the dry, crackling noise of a dragonfly's wings as it rests on the top of a tall plant or on the summit of the hazel poles supporting our climbing beans and sweet peas.
He roasted a small batch of green coffee beans in an electrically heated drum roaster and recorded the crackling sounds.
brush with oil and sprinkle with salt to ensure crispy crackling.
THE WELCOME: Good pubs always seem to have a host who greets with a smile and makes the customer feel wanted | A FIRE: Even in summer a fire crackling in the hearth makes you want to linger | THE SETTLE: Good pubs provide an environment that makes you feel at ease | THE DRINK: Local beer kept and served well by an enthusiast | THE FOOD: Well-cooked and appropriately priced.
And here in the West Midlands we are lucky to have a trusted name in the scratchings world bang on our doorstep, Tamworth-based Real Pork Crackling.
TAMWORTH-based snacks maker Real Pork Crackling is carving out an export trail to a string of tasty overseas markets - including the white sandy beaches of the Seychelles.
PINCH yourself, Crackling Vinyl returns to Telford's Warehouse, Chester, with sets from Sweet Baboo, Irma Vep, Sex Hands, Sen Segur and Siddi.
An aggressive President Barack Obama accused challenger Mitt Romney of favoring a "one-point plan" to help the rich and leveling offensive criticism about the recent deadly terrorist attack in Libya Tuesday night in a debate crackling with energy and emotion.
Nancy, I can almost taste your mom's crackling bread, and I bet she knew what many folks are relearning today: Real, whole foods were the best for her family.
IF YOU were at Green Man Festival last weekend, lingered around the Walled Garden stage between bands and wondered who was playing the quite excellent music, it was a set of DJs under the name Crackling Vinyl.
Regardless of method, crackling is an extremely random and unpredictable process, affected by temperature changes, moisture content, variations in materials and the differences in their applications.
The judges commented "Looks great, crackling looks amazing, smells great, crackling is stupendously good".