cracked wheat

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grains of wheat that have been crushed into small pieces

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An ancient grain native to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, this roasted green cracked wheat boasts a toasty aroma and nutty taste as well as a strong nutritional profile.
Wendy's worked with culinary experts to create the perfect five grain flatbread, carefully crafted by artisan bakers, including flax seeds, cracked wheat, rolled oats, millet and sesame seeds.
Once the crowd is told that the green leafy stuff in the big dish is Taboulleh, which Nasif explains is "parsley with cracked wheat and some tomatoes", questions veer to health and educational policies in the Emirates.
Lobster, salmon and oysters form the basis for a romantic introduction to the meal," said Chef Ernst-Lothar Frank, corporate chef, Royal Catering, "which then evolves into a highly traditional Emirati feast with traditional lamb ouzi, marinated Sultan Ibrahim fish with local spices, the cracked wheat and lamb dish of Harees, as well as Lamb Thareed and Fish Biryani.
While these meaty morsels took centre stage and were joined by accompanying lamb and cracked wheat fitters, Lebanese food is not just for the keenest of carnivores.
Remove the pan from the heat and combine with the cracked wheat in a large salad bowl.
Most electric mills can be adjusted to produce varying levels of flour fineness; most electric mills do not produce cracked wheat.
TOSS cooked cracked wheat with a grapefruit juice-olive oil dressing, plenty of grapefruit segments, and chopped parsley.
KARAMAN, Mar 30, 2011 (TUR) -- President of the Executive Board of Duru Cracked Wheat company operating in southern province of Karaman, Ihsan Duru, said Wednesday that they published 150,000 cook books in which 110 types of meals with cracked wheat are taught in the English language.
00, Ingredients, including cracked wheat, pine nuts, etc.
No Experience Required," a menu simple enough for a new cook but complex enough for the experienced "foodie," with Robin Wiper, includes Baked Potato Soup With a Medley of Toppings; Spring Greens Salad With Gorgonzola, Candied Walnuts, Fresh Pear Slices and Champagne Vinaigrette; New York Strip Pepper Steak Laced With Cognac Cream; No-Knead, Do-Ahead Artisan Cracked Wheat Boul Bread; and Ultimate Fruit Tart.
The tiny Mediterranean country -- which has yet to see a government formed over four months after a general election -- also set a record in August for the largest ever kebbe, a dish of minced meat and cracked wheat.
EHDEN: The small town of Ehden in north Lebanon gained an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records on Saturday for producing the largest ever kebbe -- a dish of minced meat and cracked wheat.
Measurements in metric will require American users to convert--but with Catfish Casserole with Cracked Wheat and Grilled Fish With Oil and Lime on the menu, the recipes motivate users to learn.
Another recommended restaurant is Tannoureen, where a selection of mixed mezze (starters) including fatayer (filo pastry filled with goats cheese), kibbeh (cracked wheat, grated onion and minced lamb), warag aynab (vine leaves stuffed with rice, minced vegetables, and meat) and tabbouleh (parsley and cracked wheat salad) can make a meal in itself.