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Somatic pain included pulpal pain, periodontal pain, mucogingival pain, temporomandibular joint pain, post extraction pain and others (alveolitis, cellulitis, osteomylitis, bruxism, odontogenic cysts, cracked tooth syndrome, maxilary sinusitis).
The original diagnosis was an abscess and cracked tooth.
If something serious such as a cavity or cracked tooth is spotted, hygienists provide a list of local dentists to patients.
It seems there's always some unanticipated expense this time of year - the car needs repairs, or a cracked tooth needs a crown, or the dog needs to go to the vet.
He managed to push the man away and was head-butted, causing a cracked tooth and badly bruised mouth.
Sophomore left tackle David San Vicente, who played in every game last year, had a cracked tooth pulled last week and might practice for the first time today.
Foster began using systemic enzymes to manage her own pain, swelling and bruising when she had a cracked tooth surgically removed and didn't want to use painkillers.
IT WAS revealed for the first time today that Frankie Gavin boxed for seven of the 12 rounds defending his British and Commonwealth titles with the severe pain of a cracked tooth and burst abscess.
All Naismith left with on Saturday was a cracked tooth after suffering a head knock against Hearts.