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Synonyms for crackdown

Synonyms for crackdown

sudden punitive action

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severely repressive actions

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The Rangers carried out a crackdown in Shareefabad area and arrested accused namely Juma Mir alias Zaheer Gilgati.
SUKKUR -- Special crackdown against unregistered vehicles is continued in the Ghotki district.
Fleeced The crackdown on drunken disorder on the streets, when bladdered youths would be marched to cash machines to pay fixed penalties?
Italy has targeted a total of 27 BitTorrent and cyberlocker websites in the biggest file-sharing crackdown since 2010.
The Basra crackdown which began on March 25 quickly fuelled clashes in other Shia regions of Iraq, including the capital, and killed at least 461 people and wounded more than 1,100.
Serious crime fell 16 percent in the San Fernando Valley and 14 percent citywide in 2005 - the first time in six years there were fewer than 500 homicides - and LAPD officials credit a crackdown on gangs and repeat offenders for the decline.
Immigrant street vendors have suggested that race and cultural factors often play an unspoken and relevant role in the ongoing crackdowns.
More than 1,000 schools were closed for at least three consecutive weeks due to the Israeli crackdown at the end of March until the end of the school year in July.
Nonprofit Tax & Financial Strategies, tax law changes and rulings, how to avoid crackdowns and take advantage of new opportunities, 24x, $207.
Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has directed the City Administration officials to continue their crackdowns till it is ensured that no shopkeeper /seller is involved in profiteering, said an official statement here on Sunday.
It ought not to take an army of citizen volunteers and a strong-willed city councilwoman to organize one-day crackdowns on blight.
Nadeem further suggested that crackdowns also be initiated against baggies in general and against those bagging at roundabouts and traffic signals.
The recent police crackdowns on homeless people in Skid Row has had a significant effect on reducing crime in the area, police officials said Tuesday.
As San Fernando Valley residents continue to defy dog leash laws, animal control officials say they are increasing crackdowns in city parks and handing out more $76 tickets.