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Synonyms for crackdown

Synonyms for crackdown

sudden punitive action

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severely repressive actions

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Executive's Tax & Management Report, how to get more taxfree cash from your company, slash the company tax bill, boost personal deductions and cope with new crackdowns, weekly, $219.
Commissioner Karachi, Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui has directed the City Administration officials to continue their crackdowns till it is ensured that no shopkeeper /seller is involved in profiteering, said an official statement here on Sunday.
KARACHI -- Chairman law and order subcommittee Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), Nadeem Khan, has suggested that a committee should be formed comprising Crop commander, DG Rangers and IG police, to monitor and manage crackdown against criminals, extortionists and killers.
WENDY Greuel's ``Move it or lose it'' operation last weekend, the second such crackdown on junked cars in her district, is just one of the special enforcements the East Valley councilwoman has instigated to clean up her district.
And the sporadic crackdowns were nearly always bad news for the workers themselves, who were often either unable or unwilling to take up the unionists' implicit let-'em-punch-time-clocks suggestion of going to work in factories.
The crackdown in Skid Row will continue to get the city in trouble, said Carol Sobel, a civil rights lawyer who represents the National Lawyers Guild, co-plaintiff in the Skid Row lawsuit.
Dawn Johanssen, for example, said she will continue bringing her Labrador named Biko to Serrania to run leashless despite the crackdowns.
This is done by studying traffic statistics and looking for trends in pedestrian accidents that can lead them to focus on certain streets and intersections for crackdowns.
They know we are going to make periodic crackdowns," Clark said.
The crackdown either is conducted between 5am and 1pm or 4pm and 8pm.
The Kuwait Municipality carries out continuing nationwide crackdowns on vendors, restaurants, shops and food stores in order to make sure that commodities they sell are good and fit for human consumption.
Loan sharking, fox hunting, telephone cold-calling were all going to be subjected to relentless crackdowns - but weren't.
According to Deputy Commissioner Gawadar, Tufail Baloch, the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) personnel continued raids and crackdowns for release of the kidnapped officials.
The action from the Italian government comes as latest blow to Internet freedom activists, who say these sorts of crackdowns suppress freedom of speech and endanger legitimate web sites.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has said he plans to launch more crackdowns on militiamen as radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr called for a massive anti-US protest next week.