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Synonyms for crackbrained

insanely irresponsible


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Nowadays, alas, the word 'art' seems to be applied to all kinds of crackbrained schemes.
If one of the partners have a tendency to behave in a flipped out way it can really leave the other party crackbrained.
It is much too early to say whether the process of engagement Crooke has nurtured will go down in history as a turning point in the West's understanding of Islam or as yet another crackbrained attempt at dialogue with people who are not very reasonable.
The problem was even explored on an episode of The L Word, when Bette's position as the curator of a modern art museum in Los Angeles was called into question by a crackbrained right-winger intent on drowning out the real issues with a drumbeat of anti-lesbian rhetoric.
Pybus' outspoken, breezy Aussie style works well; it is emotionally accurate as well as refreshing to read, "it is crackbrained to think that Lillian was going to Siberia," or, "As I said, the woman was clearly unhinged.