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Synonyms for crack-up

a mental or physical breakdown

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As the Big East and Atlantic Coast conferences continue to play out the dramaturgy of their mid-summer crack-ups, college sport is sitting uneasily by waiting for the final act to unfold.
Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band) is that you witness the interplay among the band members -- the winks, nods, crack-ups, and shrugs; you get a feel for the excitement of the live concert experience that a mere sound recording can't capture.
Out of this soil, tension in the home can arise, leading to discord and emotional crack-ups.
They then analyzed the drivers' telephone use on the day of their vehicular crack-ups and on the day before the collision.
Even after the false starts and public crack-ups, Whitney remains a great singer.
Add well publicised crack-ups and Glitter - the potentially career-ending film and accompanying soundtrack.
Ripley," "Man on the Moon," "Magnolia," "Girl, Interrupted," "All About My Mother," "Fight Club," "Felicia's Journey," "Boys Don't Cry," "Bowfinger," "Eyes Wide Shut," "Blair Witch Project," "Summer of Sam," "Analyze This") to full-blown reality crack-ups ("The Matrix," "eXistenZ," "Run Lola Run," "Open Your Eyes," "The Sixth Sense," "Being John Malkovich").
With various breakdowns, addictions and crack-ups in their own camp, MCR have certainly been scarred by life in the rock 'n' roll trenches.