crack addict

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someone addicted to crack cocaine


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The audience loved the wild-haired busker on his debut in February at the ComedySportz Theatre in LA where Russell was filming his Brand X TV show Russell, himself a former drug addict, even picked up on Go's crack joke, telling the applauding audience: "He really is a crack addict.
The judge said: "Alan Harris was a crack addict who stole to pay his way.
A CRACK addict who stabbed a teacher to death in his own home is facing a life sentence for his murder.
Ozzy Osbourne, who famously bit the head off a bat on stage, was third while crack addict Doherty came fourth.
Joe, 37, a former crack addict from Middlesbrough who used to have a pounds 700-a-day habit, speaks highly of the new nutty methods.
A SELF-CONFESSED heroin and crack addict, who broke into a relative's house and stole a television set so that he could sell it to feed his habit, has been sent to prison for a year.
Now aged 13, he is a crack addict and is being treated by Addaction for his problem.
Coolio, once a gangster and crack addict, was locked up for the knifing when he was at school in the 1980s.
Stressed out middle-class businessman Tom (Steven Mackintosh - looks like John Simm but with narrower eyes) wants to sort out some of his stresses with a handgun, which he's buying off crack addict D (Ashley Waters - fella from So Solid Crew who went on to make the powerful Bullet Boy).
Russell Brand steals the show, however, as unapologetic crack addict DJ Terry, who is left bemused by the advice he receives fromDarren: "Can't you think of another hobby, like Airfix kits?
I didn't intend to stab him," crack addict Bouhaddaou told the court.
Unfortunately last night's episode saw the slightly mad, yet compassionate Inspector Pat Chappel leave the series in dramatic fashion strangling a slimeball pornographer, who had turned vice squad colleague Cheryl into a crack addict.
It is virtually impossible to not offend if you are a crack addict," said Mr Mike Trace, the Government's Deputy Drugs Tsar.
She has been staying with the rocker, 60, since splitting from crack addict Pete earlier this month.
wrong, like discovering the Power Rangers have part-time jobs as strippers or that Bob The Builder is a serial shoplifter and crack addict.