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Synonyms for crabwise

(of movement) at an angle


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He became so adept at flying crabwise that he shot down three machines in one engagement early in 1915.
skies this Saturday PM like balsamic crabwise charming
In her words, "I hasten on, making my way crabwise across the paper.
As rehearsed, I felt my way to the pulpit, twisted sideways, wings catching momentarily on the hymn board, and, crabwise, felt my way gingerly up the pitch black stairs.
From here, you are drawn crabwise by a great splash of luminance to the focal space, the top-lit central atrium.
Smoke-screened sighs escape From the redly-lit audience when she bends Crabwise instead, unwinds a ream
However, although this edition is of undoubted value, many readers might be frustrated by the crabwise procedures of the Introduction.