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Crabgrass Crucible is also attentive to the class and racial dimensions of American suburban experience that Andrew Weise's Places of Their Own (2004) earlier revealed.
For the next month or so, I will spend five or 10 minutes each day plucking out the beginnings of crabgrass clumps.
Locust trees manage to grow on five-story walls above train tunnel openings, urban honeybees pollinate rooftop combs, crabgrass breaks through sidewalks and, of course, rats gambol freely.
In the "concrete jungle of urban streets, crabgrass springs up wherever a pavement crack offers the tiniest space.
Bill, the Federal Highway Act of 1949, the actions of the Federal Housing Administration have been told by Kenneth Jackson in Crabgrass Frontier, later by James Howard Kunstler in The Geography of Nowhere and Mike Davis in City of Quartz.
Additionally, the Rohm and Haas crabgrass and grub control products fit quite nicely with our turf and ornamental line.
Ward off crabgrass by applying preemergent herbicide in early spring.
The study, Older Suburbs: Crabgrass Slums or New Urban Frontier?
If crabgrass and dandelions are a problem, try a herbicidal soap.
The lesson for government is plain: When you have crabgrass, you can't solve the problem by simply mowing the lawn.
This collection of fourteen stories and a prologue is about a fictional town, Public Landing, located "on Old Route 13, a few miles west of The Dual [a highway consisting 'of two dual lanes of slab cement separated by crabgrass in the middle'], some hundred miles below the Mason-Dixon Line.
This works, but it's a little like using a backhoe to get the crabgrass out of your lawn--too much machinery for the job.
You'll be able to conquer the crabgrass and lessen your chances of succumbing to sinus irritation.
Reality : The best time to sow seed is in the late summer and early fall when the temperatures are more consistent and highly competitive weeds, like crabgrass, are at the end of their life cycle.
Puppet Show Crabgrass Puppet Theater performs "Jack and the Bean-stalk,'' 11 a.